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From decorating and getting organized to entertaining friends and family, the holidays come with a long list of to-dos. Don’t worry – we don’t expect you tick each one of these ideas off your list but these helpful tips are bound to remind you of something you’d near forgotten! Our room-by-room guide offers 99 ways to get your home holiday-ready.

Living Room

  1. Swap lighter throws and cushion covers for cozier winter versions in velvet, chenille, cashmere and faux fur.
  2. Re-pot a trio of baby evergreens into terra cotta pots and use them to decorate the mantel in a simply elegant eco vein.
  3. Save energy and renew the room with draft-containing and chic velvet curtains.
  4. Add an area rug for warm underfoot.
  5. Load up on votives.
  6. Reduce clutter on tabletops. Put away some photos to make room for glasses when guests visit.
  7. If your living room light isn’t on a dimmer switch, install one now.
  8. Buy an eco-friendly, essential-oil based room spray to quickly refresh the air just before guests arrive.
  9. Put up your Christmas tree. Leave it undecorated for a couple days if your kids will let you!
  10. Tree decorating party! (En famille or avec your buddies.)
  11. Run some garland along the mantel.
  12. Water your Christmas tree daily!
  13. Hang out your stockings!
  14. Display your holiday cards. Clip them to a ribbon clothesline along the mantel, or just stand them up on the sofa table. (You’ve already sent yours out, right?)
  15. Wrap gifts and put them under the tree.
  16. Stuff those stockings! Keep stylish photographic magazines (decorating, travel, music) on hand for guests to flip through and/or talk about.

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