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We are so excited to launch a new blog series featuring easy and inexpensive ways to transform your homes this year. I believe that your home is a visual story about who you really are. You home should be comfortable, functional and beautiful.

Decorating your room doesn’t have to break the bank. Always work with what you already have. There are things that you already have in your house right now that you can use to change the look of your chosen room.

Paint Easy and inexpensive, the good thing about this option is you can change the colour of your walls anytime. Keep it neutral, will last longer and will work well with what you already have in the room.

Art I’m talking about expensive art here, this can be your family photographs we all got them. Create a gallery in your room or in your hall or entry way.

Cushions/cushion covers A room will never be finished with without cushions. Again cushions are inexpensive and you can get really good quality cushions or just covers.

Top Tip: You can change these every season and by doing this you keep your room fresh and updated all year round.

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