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House Re-Decorating

Who you are You a busy mum/ working mum, juggling busy work schedules, social engagements for the whole family, trying to keep things moving, and keeping up with the fast-paced demands that today brings. Your friends call you “superwoman” as you can take on the world and juggle so many things at one time, but this has got you stumped! You like to keep things in order and your space tidy. You’re a perfectionist, but being perfect is time-consuming, and you don’t have enough time in a day.

Your Issues tend to be You are overwhelmed with too many decorating choices, yet you craving for a stylish home. You’ve thought about it for a while, but just didn’t think it was possible with so much going on. You’re not an interior designer so you are not sure of the colours that work well together or whether the colours you choose will be best for your family? You don’t have enough time to sort out everything that needs doing. You don’t have enough storage space around the house, the colours on the walls are looking drab. All of this is creating stress in your life right now, sometimes you don’t have a minute to yourself. You’ve taken great care of your home, but cleaning the house is just not enough anymore. Whatever your hesitation or reservation might be, you really want to change the look of your house and the truth is you can’t do it all.

Here’s what you need most right now Your focus needs to be on transforming your living space and on how you are going to achieve this. Embarking on a home decorating and enhancing project can be an overwhelming experience. You need a plan. You need to look at the problem areas of your home, then list down all what it is that you want. List down all the different age groups in your family and their needs? Think of storage as the most important issue of all. To have piece of mind, we have an incredibly talented experienced interior designers and project managers who can help you decorate your house, save money and avoid costly mistakes. It’s all about your home being interior re-designed and/or furnished by a reputable interior design company, and also that your project and budget are being managed and maintained.

We have a versatile team of interior designers, working in London and Hertforshire which allows us to be flexible in designing for our clients. Our approach is to bring fun and passion to the process so you can enjoy the experience as much as the finished product.

House pride is not just about kitchen aprons or designer lemon squeezers, it is a source of power and strength and if it is handled with fluidity, grace (and the occasional implementation of a solid organization system) then it will benefit those who live in it t and ultimately those around it too.

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