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New year's resolutions

As you start to take down the decorations and the January blues set in, it’s not just our energy levels that are left feeling deflated. In November your home looked fine, snug and cosy, but suddenly appears bland, like something’s missing, but what?

Obviously the Christmas decorations are gone which filled your home physically and atmospherically and everyone is on about those new year resolutions. Gym? Quitting smoking? Diet plans?

Why not make your resolutions home related. It can be a healthy and ultimately a more productive way to hit refresh and start 2018, It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Green Living

This year I aim to bring more greenery into my home. Plants are a great, quick and cost efficient way of freshening things up. Flowers and plants alike not only look great, they also infuse life into a room and can offer health benefits, contributing to a relaxing, fresh environment.

Plants offer the one design element which consistently looks wonderful, irrespective of the style and size of your home. traditional or modern decor, there’s bound to be a plant that suits to you. Even the tiniest of succulents can change the atmosphere of a room and they definitely have a personality of their own.

A Burst Of Color

A fresh color is also a great way to welcome in the new year and get with the new trends. Color can be described as the fabric of life and is a really large aspect of interior design. Color effects mood and can coordinate a room.

Whether you decide to create a feature wall, or just update your colour pallet with small accents through accessories Don’t be afraid! A lot of us have fallen into making our homes rather, well, boring. We decorate to appeal to estate agents and prospective buyers, rather than expressing our characters. I think we could all benefit from being bolder! Don’t forget the Pantone Color of the year 2018: Ultra Violet!

Don’t Forget!

Rearranging the furniture is a simple a fix, but don’t forget the smaller items too! Change the ornaments on a shelf or bring something in from another room to surprise the eye. Changing with the seasons is something that I spoke about previously, switching cushions and rugs from velvets, knits and furs in the autumn and winter to linens and cottons in the warmer months.

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