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Goodbye greenery, Hello Ultra Violet
by Eunice De Campi.
Goodbye greenery, Hello Ultra Violet

It’s the moment creative’s alike wait for. Pantone’s colour of the year!  If you’re not in the know, every year the colour experts announce, well a colour of the year. It’s a pretty big deal as it paves the way for trends in fashion, furniture and accessories, interiors, and more for the next twelve months.

The Pantone Institute has followed up 2017s popular greenery movement by choosing a hue that’s not only surprising but rather refreshing: UltraViolet or Pantone 18-3838 to be more precise.

Inpantones own words they describe the colour as “ a provocative and thoughtful purple shade” that embodies individuality and spirituality. According to the company, it alludes to the mysteries of the cosmos and the unknown. I have to agree with them. The colour is a heavenly shade of purple, alongside reminding me of Barney the dinosaur,  it does call to mind the vastness of the galaxy, spirituality, and creative expression. But how would you interpret this colour scheme for interiors and your own home?

Now there will be those that can’t wait to slather their home and daub it on four walls, however purple is such a marmite colour and up until now has been less cosmic more tragic. Ultraviolet is not for the shy and retiring, it’s a colour almost as bold as red, so use it with care.The great thing is as with any intense colour it makes a great accent.




You can get away with using Violet in a variety of shades. Limit a dark tone to accessories or a signature armchair, and opt for a much paler shade on the walls for a wash of colour. use the tones with soft greys and blues as a rich pop colour against more neutral colours. Balancing Ultra Violet with grey will help ground your interior and avoid looking too overwhelming.



Paired with other shades in the same colour septum such as lilac, blush, mauve, blues and greys will lessen the boldness of violet and create a softer outcome.



You can always push Violet towards the deeper tones of purple for a more regal feel. Whether you end up with a touch of lilac within a flower arrangement, a pair of purple throw cushions, a lamp, feature rug or headboard, the easiest way to start decorating with a new colour is to take it step by step until you feel completely comfortable and create the perfect balance.


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