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Spring Decorating Tips

Winter is coming to an end, and mornings are starting to get brighter with birds chirping louder, it can only mean one thing, Spring is around the corner.

Get ready to spruce up your space and refresh your home with our spring decorating ideas! It’s time to say goodbye to winter warm colours and bring in fresh and bright colours. Help is only a phone call away, we’ve put together some ideas to help you start your spring decorating task.

1.Colour Say goodbye to the dark and warming hues of winter by welcoming a spring palette into your home. Colours like blues, pinks, greens and teal will brighten up your home. If you’re not confident choosing bright colours, think pastels, they are soft and flirty and can add that freshness to your room.

You don’t have to completely redecorate, introduce pastels as a pleasing backdrop and a pair with some metallic accessories like copper, bronze and gold will all work well. If you want something a little more understated pink works surprisingly well with greys, black and white.

Notice how you can layer blush pink with grey, choose a classic sofa as the room’s centrepiece, then introduce pattern with decorative cushions and a centre rug.

2.Let there be light. The days will soon be getting longer and the temperature will be warming up (thankfully) so start to think about bringing natural light into your home. The smallest room can seem all so much bigger with that little extra light.

• A change of textures, swap over those thick and heavy fabrics in a room for sheers, they are brighter, lighter and breathable. • Reflection, maximise the effect by hanging a mirror opposite a window to reflect and introduce more light into your room. • Using glass, mirrored and metallic furniture in darker places is a great way to bounce extra light around the room.

3. Flowers

Flowers? for spring? Ground-breaking.>

But have you ever placed a fresh arrangement in your bedroom, living room or kitchen and felt new life breathed into that space? That’s because flowers have the natural effect of bringing positivity into a room, well when alive.

An arrangement that consists of one flower type and colour tends to have more impact within a room, demanding attention by creating a focal point of concentrated colour. Vases should remain neutral and not distracting.

Try peonies for elegance, lilies for fragrance, or irises for a fun indigo accent. Nothing says spring more than daffodils in the kitchen, yellow supposedly being associated with confidence and friendless, so if not the kitchen try the hallway for a perfect welcome.

4. Scents

It’s very often overlooked, as well it can’t be seen. Never the less scent is crucial in creating an inviting and memorable interior. The scent is uniquely personal. We attach memories to aromas and associate people with different smells. Home fragrance is just as important. it’s a small detail that goes a long way and can completely change an atmosphere. Fragrance is an expression of personality, known to shape our moods, behaviour and decisions. But how often do we consider the scents in our homes?

Nothing evokes the spirit of spring more than a whiff of, say, lavender, bright citrus or rose petals. The aim is to bring the blossoming outdoors into your home.

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