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Stylish Succulents

4 ways to introduce succulents into your home.

I don’t know about you but as much as I love plants, I’ve just been terrible at looking after them. Introducing the Succulent. Ideal for frequent travellers and the one’s amongst us who do not have “green fingers” or are slightly more forgetful.

These low maintenance plants are really easy to care for and have such a striking appearance. They come in an array of shapes, colours and sizes making them an ideal accessory for any home.

Succulents are a great way of adding interest to a corner of a room by providing that touch of greenery. They require very little water, so you can almost forget all about them. So why not Bring a little vegetation into your space?

They can be bought in already interesting pots, but below I’ve grouped together a few of my favourite picks to inspire you.

1. Cement Planters

I’m a huge fan of the industrial concrete and cement planter trend that’s been popping up. A minimalistic and very contemporary way of displaying succulents


These mini-greenhouses are widely available on the market and are a great way to showcase a single succulent or a cluster of them. Terrariums are brilliant centrepieces for coffee tables.

I’m crazy for these handcrafted terrariums from West elm. Breaking away from the common prism shape, there formed by moulding melted recycled glass against slabs of natural wood. What do you think?

3.Plant Stands

Bring your Succulents to new heights by elevating them with a plant stand. They look great and bring interest to lonely corners of room.

4. wall planters

Bare wall? why not transform your succulents into pieces of living art. Add interest with wall fixing planters, place in a random arrangement or a straight line for maximum impact. How nifty are these ceramic and brass wire planters by Umbra? The triangular shape is keeping in with the set geometric trend for 2018.

So skip buying a bunch of flowers next time, and get some of these prickly beauties instead!


Images sourced from Pinterest & credited suppliers.

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