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Prepping Your Home For Easter
by Eunice De Campi.
Prepping Your Home For Easter

Easter Ready? lacking inspiration? Perhaps these useful pointers will help in getting your house up to scratch for those Easter celebrations.

Easter is an occasion which is renowned for bringing together friends and family of all shapes and sizes in celebration. Perhaps your having guests over for the weekend, if so your be thinking about sleeping arrangements and how you can prepare your home for the added numbers.

Spare bedroom? there’s nothing more lavish than showing your visitors to their own, delightfully decorated accommodation.

However that being said, your company will more likely take pleasure in your guestroom if it feels homely, by that I mean lived in. A well executed room will make your family and friends feel more welcome, even if only for a few days. Put a little effort into your hospitality.

Provide a few small home comforts, good quality bedding and plenty of storage space like wardrobe room to hang things or even a luggage rack.

Small touches won’t go unnoticed and sometimes have the largest impact, consider a fresh vase of spring flowers or perhaps some light reading material on the bedside next to a bowl of mini eggs as a cute Easter compliments, or an accompanying tea tray at the footer of the bed.

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Prepare for the Big Lunch

Yes Easter tends to be all about chocolate eggs, bunnies and cute chicks, awe, but at the heart of the celebration is a lip smacking meal or brunch. If only the Easter bunny would be so kind as to set the table for the big feast.

Perhaps you need to maximize your space for those extra guests. Extendable dining tables are great for that purpose, having the functionality to seat additional heads and they truly are a long term investment.

When it comes to dressing the table, why not go all out with the Easter theme? think endearing napkins with chickens featured or spring flora, take stock of your current cutlery and tableware and opt for pastel colored pieces which are great for spring. With a few modifications and a little attention to detail your seasonal table can really be brought to life.

Consider chocolate bunnies or eggs as plate adornments. Tulips and peonies work great as a centre piece. You could also introduce astro turf as a table runner if you’re feeling crafty.

We hope you have an Enjoyable Easter!

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